Questions about SIP settings and IPTABLES

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Questions about SIP settings and IPTABLES

Posted:Sun 17 of Aug, 2008 (03:24 UTC)
Hi eveybody,
I am setting up some IP phones for my company and I first have questions about some SIP setting;
- I see a field called “service type”, what is it ?
- Then I see a field sip proxy, I understand this one but just near by there is a field “domain”. What does this field mean ? Does it have any implication in the SIP register process ?
I ask those questions because I have some troubles with my IP phones. In another branch of the company the IP phones work perfectly with those settings :
SIP proxy = “pbx.blabla.hk” domain=”blabla.hk”
and the firewall of the asterisk server has the following rules :
-A INPUT -s “blabla.hk” -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -d “blabla.hk” -j ACCEPT

I was wondering if the IP headers of the other branch get an IP address field filled with the IP address of “blabla.hk”…Am I right ?

Thank you very much ;)