Cisco 7912G caught in a startup loop

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Cisco 7912G caught in a startup loop

Posted:Mon 18 of Aug, 2008 (21:14 UTC)
Hello everyone,

I have a Cisco 7912G phone with SCCP ver 1.03 and I tried to load SIP 8.01 then SIP 1.01 via TFTP but it's not working. While I am able to go into the Network Configuration and specify the TFTP IP Address, IP Address and other functions when I save and reboot the phone it just goes off into an endless loop of searching for previous CallManager IP>Configuring VLAN>Configuring IP via DHCP> Repeat. The only thing that gets transferred via TFTP is the "gkdefault.cfg" file. I would see in status messages on the phone that TFTP times out even though the TFTP Address and, Laptop IP is correct and I turned off the firewall.

I previously read on this site I need to set the Profile Encrypt Key to "0" so the SIP firmware will auto load into the phone but when I go to Menu Key-> Settings-> Network Configuration -> The Profile Encrypt Key option doesn't exist.

Is there anyway I can get this phone out of the loop and erase the SCCP firmware? so I can install SIP firmware?