Agents, transfers and events -HELP!?

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Agents, transfers and events -HELP!?

Posted:Thu 21 of Aug, 2008 (07:33 UTC)

OK the situation is this. There are 2 agents connected to the system. A call comes into the queue and is picked up by agent 1. Agent 1 wants to transfer the call
to agent2 (he presses # and ext and then * to hang up). OK that works. However the call is passed to agent 2 on a new line not the line which is being used to
receive calls from the queue. So a call can be recieved by the agent 2 without them realising that the queue has passed them the call.

So what I need to know is if there is a way to:
1. Change the status of agent 2 to PAUSED on receiving a transfered call and when hanging up that call to reestablish the status of agent2 to available


2. To logoff the agent 2 when the transfered call has been received and to reconnect the agent (if possible) when they hang up.

Any ideas????