Making a new (AT&T) prompt set for FreeSwitch

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Re: Making a new (AT&T) prompt set for FreeSwitch

Posted:Fri 22 of Aug, 2008 (03:10 UTC)
Please contact me at and we can talk about this.

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Making a new (AT&T) prompt set for FreeSwitch

Posted:Thu 21 of Aug, 2008 (18:54 UTC)
Hi All -

I'm a producer in LA and a VOIP enthusiast and am making a open source drop in replacement prompt set for asterisk using the official voice of AT&T (Pat Fleet).

She has agreed to do it and release as a contribution open source. It's pretty cool because she has been the voice of the phone company for almost 30 years - even with what I have so far, it sounds very carrier grade! I recorded her last week doing the entire core and extra sets for Asterisk and am now making and trimming the prompt files.

As long as I'm at it, I would also like to make a set that works with FreeSwitch in all bit rates, but I can't find any reference file that indicates what text goes with what file names. Can anyone help me?