Calling Card call type CDR

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Re: Calling Card call type CDR

Posted:Fri 05 of Sep, 2008 (16:02 UTC)
There are two ways of doing this which immediately spring to mind (there will be many many more).
The first is to use the LOCAL channel and then initiate the call from within that. This should create a new CDR from that point in the call - I know we've used it for this reason, but it was a while ago, so I can't remember if we needed to do anything else.
The second way would be to log the times to the database that the dial started and when (if) the call is bridged. FUNC_ODBC is your friend!

Those should push you in the right direction, but it is worth bearing in mind that there are a number of issues with CDRs - it is not recommended that you use them as your only source of billing information unless you are absolutely sure that you are recording exactly what you want.

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Calling Card call type CDR

Posted:Thu 04 of Sep, 2008 (19:10 UTC)
I wrote a DialScript that receibe a call from the PSTN, ask for destination (with a READ) , and then make a call using a Dial to the final destination.
I need to have a CDR that represent ONLY the second leg of the call (with your own billsec, and disposition, etc)
Anyone know how to do this??? HELP ME!!!!