Seeking info or advice about Call Monitoring/Recording

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Re: Seeking info or advice about Call Monitoring/Recording

Posted:Mon 08 of Sep, 2008 (09:13 UTC)
Quite simply, what you are suggesting won't work.

The PBX needs to have one FXS port (into which you would plug the regular phone) and one FXO port (which then plugs into the POTS line to the outside).

The call then passes through the PBX on its way to the outside world. This is a standard configuration and any Asterisk distribution such as Trixbox et al can be configured to work this way pretty much out of the box. For simplicity, I'd recommend that you use a Digium line card.

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Seeking info or advice about Call Monitoring/Recording

Posted:Fri 05 of Sep, 2008 (22:42 UTC)
What I need to do is record telephone calls that are made on regular phones on a regular telephone line, and record the calls somehow using a VoIP system.

I wish to use this system using a PBX and VoIP phone adapters without using an actual VoIP external line. The line that comes into my house is a POTS line. The setup does not look like it will work to me, but I have seen this exact setup where I work so I am very confident that it does work. I wish to do it like this:

Regular Phone ----> phone line splitter -----> VoIP Phone Adapter -----> PBX
|---> POTS line to outside

I am able to monitor calls right now using a SIP account on the PBX. But, I do not want to use anything but the regular POTS line I have do make external calls, and just record calls off of that. I am trying to explain this as best I can, so please ask questions. I do have a diagram to detail what I am trying to do and can get it to anyone who wants it. Thank you.