Interconnect A party & B party (SS7, ISDN, VoIP)

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Interconnect A party & B party (SS7, ISDN, VoIP)

Posted:Sat 06 of Sep, 2008 (19:58 UTC)
Dear Sir,

I have to interconnect A party and B party for direct route.

A party = cisco as5400
B party = ISDN switch, sip, h323

A party is connected 4E1 SS7 with White voice route provider, it has 4E1

My conditions 1:
- B party need to lease 4E1 from A party

My condition 2:
- B party send traffic over ip

Q. How can be lease 4E1 in cheap way? Like leasing one cable and convert back to 4E1
ISDN signal?

Q. Doest A party need any other equipment in front like ser servers?
Or without any other equipment also possible to interconnect on H323/SIP (Cisco AS5400)