dialplan for Linksys

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dialplan for Linksys

Posted:Tue 09 of Sep, 2008 (14:20 UTC)
Hello. I would like to configure my Linksys SPA 3102 voip gate to implicite call through SPTN (classic telephone line), and after pressing "#", following call will be redirect to the internet (SIP account).

Can anybody help me with configuring dialplan for this parameters? Unhappily I donĀ“t know US (NY) standard dial plan string character. In VoIP (SIP) calls, I would like to use Czech dial plan, with czech call signalls.

Should it be:

(*xx|[3469]11<:@gw0>|0<:@gw0>|00<:@gw0>|[2-9]xxxxxx<:@gw0>|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0<:@gw0>|xxxxxxxxxxxx.<:@gw0>|<#,:>[2-9]xxxxxxxxS0)    ???  Outside Dial Tone: 425@-10;30(0.33/0.33/1,0.66/0.66/1)  (VoIP account)

I will be glad, if someone trying it.

Thanks! :-)