VOIP Software on iPhone

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Re: VOIP Software on iPhone

Posted:Sun 28 of Sep, 2008 (15:06 UTC)
great idee to use voip in the iphone, this a good links to read mor info about voip
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VOIP Software on iPhone

Posted:Fri 12 of Sep, 2008 (11:31 UTC)
I have heard that you can use your iPhone now with VOIP. This means that we can call as much as we want in a lesser cost since the call is supported by your active internet connection on your iPhone. If you call using VOIP software on your iPhone, you don’t have to pay your local cellphone service provider for that call. One of my friends is really happy using her iPhone since you can add VOIP software like iNomado. With this she can call us and her family even if she’s in other country. The best part is, the call saves her half ofwhat she’s paying on calling cards. It’s not surprising though, with our latest technology, and with the development of VOIP, it’s no doubt that we can do a lot of things on our gadgets now. It’s good that iPhone has added a lot of features. Getting an iphone now is not only for trends, but for practicality as well. I wonder if I could use VOIP software on other cellphones too. Do you have any idea?