SIP Re-Invite Behind LAN

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Re: SIP Re-Invite Behind LAN

Posted:Sun 14 of Sep, 2008 (23:26 UTC)
Asterisk will do this fine, without being in the media path, as long as the devices can directly reach each other. In other words, if it's possible to do, Asterisk will let it happen. As a matter of fact, you'd have to go out of your way to disable end-to-end media by doing something like listening for DTMF or recording the call or setting "canreinvite=no" in sip.conf.

Many hundreds of shops are using Asterisk as a hosted VoIP platform and reselling to SOHO/small business customers - take a look around the areas, and read some of the older messages on the asterisk-* mailing lists. There are even people who will sell you software to do it.

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SIP Re-Invite Behind LAN

Posted:Sun 14 of Sep, 2008 (00:54 UTC)
I've got an asterisk box shared by 4 offices, each has about 5 or 6 extensions in it although this may expand in the near future.

I'm looking to make sure all internal calls (within the same building) go direct from phone to phone rather than Asterisk remaining in the media path, in order to save as much bandwidth as possible, I believe Asterisk has issues with with this and that the general consensus is to use a SIP proxy in front of it and keep Asterisk for providing services such as IVR and Voicemail, but I'd love to hear from anyone with experience in doing something similar ?