Asterisk as a Proxy, not PBX?

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Re: Asterisk as a Proxy, not PBX?

Posted:Wed 17 of Sep, 2008 (05:02 UTC)
1. Yes, Asterisk can register as a client to a different server.
2. Yes, you can script this in you dialplan. F.e. call a http url, insert specific info in a database, etc.

Mind you that the answer to question 1 is not specifically tied to the B2BUA functionality. B2BUA means that Asterisk will always be in the middle of the call, where a proxy like Kamailio (OpenSER) will just relay the request.
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Asterisk as a Proxy, not PBX?

Posted:Tue 16 of Sep, 2008 (10:11 UTC)
My requirement seems a bit strange. My logic is Asterisk is a B2BUA. It is possible to configure it via TCP.

1. I will tell asterisk that these(say 500) are my user sip uri and password. Then asterisk will register as client, with a thirdparty PBX(say broadworks) with all these uri information. Is it possible with asterisk?
2. When call comes via third party PBX to an individual sip uri then Asterisk will send me event via tcp, like OnCallArrive event with parameter callid,from(uri). Is it possible to get tcp event from asterisk like this?