Legislation in Italy

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Re: Legislation in Italy

Posted:Sun 28 of Sep, 2008 (22:09 UTC)
Hi Albert,

you can avoid the problem installing the Asterisk PBX in a VPS (virtual private server). I have one in USA with slicehost. You don't need use a physic line. You can manage entire office using only VOIP. For example. Open a VoIP eutelia account y configure 5 or more numbers for your town (are free). Configure those numbers for receive calls y use another VoIP provider for externals calls. My asterisk PBX work like this.
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Legislation in Italy

Posted:Tue 16 of Sep, 2008 (10:12 UTC)
Hi Folks, I'd appreciate a bit of advice.
I'm considering using Asterisk for a small office in Milano, Italy installing it with a local supplier who will help support the system once in place.
I have received advice to the effect below but I am unsure how to confirm this is just not a sales guy trying to get extra business from us:
In Italy we have a law (n. 109 of 28 march 1991) saying, basically, two things:

- 1) - any equipment connected to public lines (ISDN, analog, ADSL; etc.) must be approved by Italian Ministry of Communication and receive an homologation number;

- 2) – the installation of a telephon system must be realized by a company that has an Authorization by the Ministry of Communication to install telephon systems and connect them to public lines.

The bottom line is he is basically saying that due to Government Legislation Asterisk is prohibited in Italy because as a solution it does not have a certain approval qualification.

Is this true and if so is there a link to a page detailing the actual legislation.

I would imagine anyone who uses cheapnet in Italy would be able to answer this for me.