Forking with 180 Ringing+SDP

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Re: Forking with 180 Ringing+SDP

Posted:Sun 21 of Sep, 2008 (09:39 UTC)
You'll need to update to SVN trunk to get the 180 with SDP to work correctly.

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Forking with 180 Ringing+SDP

Posted:Sat 20 of Sep, 2008 (21:07 UTC)
Hi there

I have a scenario where I have enabled "multiple-registrations" in sip_profiles/internal.xml, and registered 3 phones to the same profile.
This works as presumed, until I connect a SIP adapter (Dataflex Vine IAD), and this UA sends back 180 Ringing+SDP on the INVITE, this is causing FreeSWITCH to CANCEL the other two dialoges. Is this correct? Should not FreeSWITCH CANCEL the other dialoges upon reciving of 200OK from one of the UA's ?

I'm running 1.01

Thakn you in advance