DISA on 1 SIP Trunk?

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Re: DISA on 1 SIP Trunk?

Posted:Sun 28 of Sep, 2008 (21:58 UTC)

if you want call from any public phone or cellular you need configure a geographic number in your PBX. For example. I have a Italian local number and when i call this number from any public phone, put my disa password then call using my voip provider.
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DISA on 1 SIP Trunk?

Posted:Sun 21 of Sep, 2008 (16:05 UTC)
Before I spend any more time trying, is it possible to setup DISA that will allow me to call in, enter a passcode then make external calls (i.e. a long distance call to my mom) on a single SIP trunk?

My VOIP service allows up to 5 simultaneous calls per trunk.

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