Configure Cisco 7961G

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Configure Cisco 7961G

Posted:Tue 30 of Sep, 2008 (00:45 UTC)
Hi everyone.
Yesterday I got a Cisco 7961G, but I´m stuck ...
I managed to update it to SIP but I can´t seem to figure out the SEP File.(I think this is the only one I need apart from the ones provided in the tar.gz file)
I´ve been reading these two pages but the more I read the more dumb I feel.
I got these configuration from my provider:

Proxy Port: 5070
Register Address:
Register Port: 5060
SIP URI: +351302001111
Username: +351302001111
Password: 123456

Firstly, this is my second day with voip and the SEP file, and Secondly, I´m behind an ISA Firewall.
I think I cant figured out the firewall problem, but until i know I´ve got the SEP file correctly configured I feel a bit lost.
I´m just trying to simply connect to a SIP Service Provider.
If someone could please help me, I´ll gladly pay you a drink whenever you came to Portugal ;) .