Asterisk using 1.6 CLI commands

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Re: Asterisk using 1.6 CLI commands

Posted:Thu 02 of Oct, 2008 (19:54 UTC)
You need to manually delete everything 1.6 made at this point and rebuild 1.4.
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Asterisk using 1.6 CLI commands

Posted:Tue 30 of Sep, 2008 (19:39 UTC)
Hi all,
I recently loaded asterisk 1.6 not realizing it was an unstable version. So, I removed it and installed asterisk After making some changes to the zaptel.conf file I needed to restart zaptel and asterisk. After the restart I accessed the asterisk CLI to run the "zap show status" command and received a response of "no such command". So, I entered "help" to obtain a list of available commands. To my surprise asterisk 1.4 was using asterisk 1.6's command set. Has anyone run into this problem before. If so, what do I need to do to correct it? Thanks..