Business SIP phone.

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Re: Business SIP phone.

Posted:Sun 26 of Oct, 2008 (22:59 UTC)
take a look at aastra, we use 9133i for team members and 57ict for the 2 receptionnists
We tried linksys spa942 and 962 but prefer the Aastra for simplicity sake

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Business SIP phone.

Posted:Wed 01 of Oct, 2008 (15:30 UTC)
I want to know, what you think is the best bang for the buck phone out there for buisiness, we are used with the 3710 nortel phone, is there any phone compatible with asterisk that we can see if a pre-programmed extension is in use or not, like on the LCD screen of a nortel phone? I don'T need a big screen, only to see the caller ID, but i want to be able to program some feature in it. like call transfert, call parking, hold, and like if it is possible at least 10 extension that i can see before i can them if they are on the phone or not, thanx!