Please Help: USB Plug and Play SIP VOIP-PHONE

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Re: Please Help: USB Plug and Play SIP VOIP-PHONE

Posted:Tue 07 of Oct, 2008 (06:57 UTC)
Seems like a good idea.
The MagicJack combined with a lightweight ordinary phone sounds like what you are describing.

Not exactly what you descirbed, but close:
This device sounds close: voicestick, although the hardware seems to be tied to their service. There are some additional reviews here DSL Reports Voicestick reviews
Looks like Vonage has something similar too: Vonage V-Phone
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Please Help: USB Plug and Play SIP VOIP-PHONE

Posted:Sun 05 of Oct, 2008 (21:26 UTC)
Dear All,

I have checked most of the USB IP Phone products in the markets, but they are not more than a sound card in a telephone like box. Therefore for using these kinds of USB IP Phones, you must first install a soft phone and then change the audio configuration of the softphone to use this USB Sound card for audio and microphone.

Here is what I need:
A USB IP Phone which when connected to the USB Port, can use the PC internet connection and register itself to the SIP Server defined in its configuration memory. I want this IP Phone to be configured like an ATA or IP Phone, meaning that it has a built in utility for SIP/H323 Configuration. I want this to be totally plug and play. Therefore if I connect it to any PC/Notebook which is connected to internet, I can use my SIP account to talk with my buddies without any software installing.

Please advise.