cdr to mysql problem

Joined: Wed 08 of Oct, 2008

cdr to mysql problem

Posted:Wed 08 of Oct, 2008 (09:52 UTC)
I've installed asterisk, asterisk-addons, mysql and mysql-linux... successfully (use the tutorial at http://www.spiration.co.uk/post/1327/asterisk-addons%20setting%20up%20mysql%20cdr%20for%20Asterisk), then I've had a proper configuration (I really think so) in cdr_mysql.conf and modules.conf, but asterisk could not load modules app_addon_sql_mysql.so and res_config_mysql.so as needed, although I've reloaded asterisk.

I've installed and started asterisk by root.

please show me the reason of this problem and how can I resolve it, thanks so much.