some problems with asterisk and snom 320 phones

Joined: Tue 14 of Oct, 2008

some problems with asterisk and snom 320 phones

Posted:Tue 14 of Oct, 2008 (08:35 UTC)
hello, we are using asterisk on a fedora 9 server with a beronet bn8s0 bri card, freepbx as webfrontend and snom 320 and m3 phones. we encounter some problems with this setup:

i configured the function keys with extensions. first all was fine, the leds indicated if a extension is busy. but now more and more phones do not subscribe (even after reboot) and do not show up the phone status of an extension. i dont know why and nothing seems to help.

the second thing regards to queue configuration. is it possible to configure freepbx / asterisk so that a busy queue will be skipped and the call will be directly put to failover destination if all agents in the queue are busy without waiting for a timeout?

third and last problem is the ringing signal. sometimes an external caller does not hear a ringing signal but most of the callers do. i dont know why and i dont know how to fix it.

every help will be welcome.

so long, christian