gsm gateway for astrix

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gsm gateway for astrix

Posted:Wed 15 of Oct, 2008 (07:49 UTC)
GSM VoIP Gateway for Asterisk PBX
The VoIP GSM Gateway for Asterisk PBX enables inbound and outbound Cellular GSM and VoIP calls - all in one compact box.

Main Features:

Seamless integration with Asterisk PBX
From 4 to 12 Cellular ports
Up to 48 SIM Cards
Up to 32 VoIP channels
Embedded VoIP replacing Asterisk transcoding, supports g729,g726,g723 codecs with much better quality.
3G, GSM and CDMA networks
Remote SIM cards re-charging
GSM worldwide use (850/1900 or 900/1800)
Integrated antennas combiner
WEB management and control
Redundant power supply - Ready
Fast and easy installation

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