Newbie help on set up involving LumenVox and windowed app.

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Newbie help on set up involving LumenVox and windowed app.

Posted:Sat 18 of Oct, 2008 (19:20 UTC)
After getting the idea for a small office set up of a automated smart scheduling phone answering system, I contacted LumenVox for a inexpensive speech recognition engine and they suggested I first start out by learning TrixBox/Asterisk before moving ahead with my hobby project. Here is where I've got to via that route:

Anyway, I would rather do this all in Windows and FreeSwitch a native Windows app, although someone in the TrixBox thread said it wasn't.

Here is what I would like. A single computer running a PBX + LumenVox + a windowed appointment scheduling software. I'm being told by some TrixBox / Asterisk people that I should not run windowed application on the same box as my PBX because they "hog" resources that the PBX and LumenVox needs for a nicely working system. However, I use for this is a small office/business where there is a receptionist/assistant that takes calls and makes appointments in the appointment software. Also, clients can call in and make appointments by themselves when the assistant/receptionist is not available to take the call. So the offices appointment calendaring software needs to be updated by these calls. I could use MS Access templates for this or for my GUI'd calendar app.

To give you an idea on call volume, think of a doctors practice or a beauty salon. Will I have some problems implementing this kind of set up with FreeSwitch/LumenVox in Windows on a box that also runs office management software in the situations I've described or do I have to set up a separate box for freeSwitch/Lumenvox?