convert voice mail to mp3

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Re: convert voice mail to mp3

Posted:Sat 08 of Nov, 2008 (10:03 UTC)
script you have given in externnotify will be executed when a user exits from voicemail (finishes leaving message in the mailbox or exits the Voice Mail menu created by the VoiceMailMenu() application).

so even if you converted wav file to mp3 file through exernnotify, it is not possible to attach the converted file, because the already mail would be sent.

Once i have seen your post, I tried, and got done this, after done some changes in app_voicemail.c. it is working fine.
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convert voice mail to mp3

Posted:Sun 26 of Oct, 2008 (18:00 UTC)
I've figured out how to convert the voicemail wav to an mp3 via the externnotify option in voicemail.conf. But how do I configure to have asterisk email the mp3 instead of the wav file? The default voicemail.conf samples do not illustrate a way to do so, nor do I find any docs about it. I'm on Asterisk 1.4. Thanks, Mike