bridging calls and automating dialing

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bridging calls and automating dialing

Posted:Thu 30 of Oct, 2008 (17:25 UTC)
I'm trying to build an auto-dialer of sorts and was wondering what the best way to force the origination to occur before bridging the call to a phone (or parking lot, or fifo)?

I have this working by using a javascript attached to a number (4999)...example, when you call 4999 the javascript originates a call, then tries to uuid_bridge the call to the extension's original call, but this doesn't work...the two parties can never talk.

If I just originate the call from the console (by running a java script) I can send the call to a parking lot, and an agent can dial the parking lot and pick up the call, but it's too slow.

Any advice on how to best do this, preferably via direct sockets connection, or some more efficient method. Also, can anyone tell me if uuid_bridge is broken, or if I'm just using it wrong....