Disassemble a Cisco handset / receiver (7900 series)

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Re: Disassemble a Cisco handset / receiver (7900 series)

Posted:Fri 28 of Nov, 2008 (22:13 UTC)
Hi snowy...

Did you find the way, I want to do it too only to check why it's so noisy, I've tested different cables but cables are not the guilty ones...
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Disassemble a Cisco handset / receiver (7900 series)

Posted:Fri 31 of Oct, 2008 (18:36 UTC)
Ok, I know there is somewhere on this website there is instructions on how to disassemble a Cisco PHONE, but this doesn’t cover the handset (receiver).

What I want to know is how to disassemble a Cisco handset (the bit you listen to and sometimes speak into) without damaging the plastic.

OK, for the people that instantly think I am up to no good, NO, I am not trying to bug a handset.. No I am not!!!!! (that may come later )

What I want to do is a little hacking... i.e., to install a mute button on the handset so I can easily use one of my fingers holding the handset to cut the circuit to the mic.

We used to have one of these buttons on our old Siemans phones(which are actually compatible with the Cisco 7900 phones – Just plug it in) and since we went VOIP I miss it so much. (Yes, I occasionally can’t help myself but mutter some abuse at the idiot on the other end… and they say my role isn’t a support role… HA!..)

Bitterness over, what I would like to know is if anybody has disassembled on for fun or for whatever reason, that can offer any tips on how to get this little bugger of a handset open..

Any takers?