Avoid voipwise at all cost

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Re: Avoid voipwise at all cost

Posted:Thu 11 of Dec, 2008 (17:25 UTC)
You can lodge a complaint at the state's PSU or with the FCC.

Believe it or not, these agencies are generally fairly responsive to customer complaints, especially specific complaints like yours.
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Avoid voipwise at all cost

Posted:Thu 06 of Nov, 2008 (06:05 UTC)
Voipwise doesn't honor the advertised rates on their site. I was charged for landline calls to Spain and England which are listed as free on their site. Calls to South America were charged at rates that in some cases were 10 times higher than advertised. I reported the situation three times. I always got an automated reply promising a response. One month later, no explanation one way or the other. Avoid the service!!!