Need Asterisk help with toshiba system

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Re: Need Asterisk help with toshiba system

Posted:Tue 18 of Nov, 2008 (15:54 UTC)
Asterisk can be a stand alone voicemail system. You can store voicemail messages in the file system or in database. I have heard of asterisk voicemail systems with up to 1000 mailboxes and 30K messages in database.

You might receive incoming calls directly to asterisk and not use toshiba at all. Asterisk will give you IVR options and extensions. Or might get incoming calls to toshiba and send voicemail to asterisk over SIP or T1. I am not familiar with that toshiba system.

It will not be hard for you to configure asterisk if you are familiar with linux.
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Need Asterisk help with toshiba system

Posted:Sat 15 of Nov, 2008 (17:23 UTC)
Does anybody know if it's possible to replace a Toshiba stratagy 24 voice mail system with an Asterisk based system?
I don't know too much about our Toshiba DK280 system at work but our voicemail system (stratagy24) has failed due to bad hardware. I've been using Linux for 6 years now so I don't think I would have any problem configuring an Asterisk system but I don't know where to start when it comes to hardware connection if our DK280 can use Asterisk to replace the Stratagy 24 unit.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can provide more info if needed.

Thanks Nick