Pass CID to cell phone

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Re: Pass CID to cell phone

Posted:Mon 24 of Nov, 2008 (03:26 UTC)
This sounds like a issue with a outbound route. Where in this case, the CID is being overridden.

Unsure of your whole setup, but in the past, I have always used freepbx for configuration. In freepbx, On the trunks being used for outbound calls, you can set the CID. I am also unsure of your trunk provider, they may be overriding the CID also.
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Pass CID to cell phone

Posted:Thu 20 of Nov, 2008 (15:17 UTC)
Running AsteriskNow. Asterisk version 1.4.18.

I have a few extensions set up to dial both a local extension and a cell phone. It works, but the CID doesn't get passed to the cell phone. I want both to ring at the same time.

In my extensions.conf



The local extension does show the CID, but the cell phone shows our office number as the CID. How can I pass the correct CID from the outside call on to the cell phone?