Troubles with FreeSWITCH and Sangoma A104

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Re: Troubles with FreeSWITCH and Sangoma A104

Posted:Fri 05 of Dec, 2008 (14:55 UTC)
Question about possibility of the use FreeSWITCH for work with T1/E1 streams under Sun Solaris 10 a bit clears up (Solaris 11 is in condition of alpha-version and not suitable for the industrial use). But answers carry more negative sense.
Start of T1/E1 under Sun Solaris has 2 stages: a) start of wanpipe's interface; b) make FreeSWITCH for Sun Solaris.

a) For Linux Sangoma recommends ( installation of new interface wanpipe-3.3.14.tgz , which has beta-status and placed at .
This installation and tests were successful.
In this release (2007 y.) by Sangoma was added TDM API - native interface for FreeSwitch (YATE) — which is absent in all previous releases of WANPIPE. In the Linux release 3.3.14 this variant was named as «TDM API», in older releases - «TDM Voice».
In this case FreeSWITCH works very good with E1/T1 cards A-101/102/104/108 without installation in zaptel system, and spans in configuration files of FreeSWITCH declared as [wanpipe#].
But for Sun Solaris we found only drver beta, which dated 2007:
> Wanpipe Driver
> VERSION=1.1.0,REV=2007-07-16,
Packet Svwanpipe-i386-5.10.pkg uses Svzaptel-i386-5.10.pkg, which wasn't developed by Sangoma, but by little free community, source codes of this packet is here
The analysis of source codes shows that this project develops very slowly (there are no updates for about year), has very limited functionality and supports ( unlike original zaptel ) very limited list of cards ( only one ;) - Digium Wildcard TE110P T1/PRI).
Svwanpipe-i386-5.10.pkg supports only 64-bit Sun Solaris (on CD, which we get with Sangoma's cards, presents 32-bit driver and PDF document about installation under Sun Solaris — but it dated 2001 — 2002 yy).
At first we have checked up installation with TDM Voice + zaptel (like for Asterisk) under Linux. We configured PRI spans as [zt] ... - such installation works good and we could do calls :

> originate openzap/1/A/20000 &sleep(3)

evidently that call retranslates from span 1 to span 2, connected with cross-cable, and goes to extension 20000.

b) About making FreeSwitch:
Under Sun Solaris 10 with GCC makes FreeSWITCH core and most modules, except openzap and some others, because Sun Solaris 10 has GCC 3.4, but ./configure for openzap requires compatibility with ANSII 99.
We have checked 3 different methods of makinf FreeSWITCH :

1. set up GCC 4.0.2 from CSW-repositaries (and all reguired for GCC *.pkg);
2. set up SunStudio 12 and do make cc/CC;
3.cross-compile FreeSwitch for Sun Solaris under Linux with CC-options.

In testing we used assembly SunStudio as 32-bit application (64-bit comes to the end with mistakes of assembly of some libraries, it is possible to correct for it easily, but we did not begin to specify it).

For testing cards A-104 we have repeated the same installation and configuring as under Linux (wanpipe TDM Voice + zaptel) on 4 different 64-bit servers under Sun Solaris 10:

on 3 servers (2 of them manufactured by SUN) executed successfully : # wanrouter start

4 wanrouter# interfaces was created; leds on spans, connected with cross-cable, becomes GREEN, i.e. synchronization T1/E1 presents (no alarms).
On these servers FreeSWITCH correctly makes:

> load mod_openzap

but when we make :

> originate openzap/1/A/20000 &sleep(3)

- for 2 connected with crosss-cable spans (1 & 2) FreeSWITCH transmits PRI message (chan 1/31), but chan 2/31 doesn't receive this message (unlike under Linux) and call breaks after timeout.
On 4-th server wanpipe doesn't even starts by mistake some IOCTL (i.e. at a command for device). Three «working» servers is on AMD Opteron Dual Core 2214(F), fourth is on ntel Xeon 3210.
So, we supposes Svwanpipe-i386-5.10.pkg or Svzaptel-i386-5.10.pkg from Sangoma checked up a little and on some one processor and doesn't heave up even on beta, as they are declared, at the best on alpha

What's the reason of error???
wanpipe doesn't work under Solaris?
wrong working signalling with zaptel? (but same configuration works good under Linux)
wrong working of FreeSWITCH, which was built correctly, but their work was violated?
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Troubles with FreeSWITCH and Sangoma A104

Posted:Thu 20 of Nov, 2008 (15:31 UTC)

We have successfully configured A-104 + WANPIPE-3.3.14 + FreeSWITCH( over mod_openzap) under CentOS 5.2.
But we cann't unite SVwanpipe-i386-5.10.pkg + SVzaptel-i386-5.10.pkg + FreeSWITCH( over mod_openzap ) under Solaris 5.10
Does it possible?????
Do we need any other packages for SunOS?


This problem is expressed that FreeSWITCH's function
tdmv_api_open_span(), which makes open() for path /dev/wptdms%dc%d,
where %d - is a span & chun,
returns "failure configuring device".

Under CentOS 5.2 it works perfect, but under Solaris 5.10 in doesn't

Does it means, that FreeSWITCH or Sangoma's equipment cann't work
under Solaris 5.10?