Set up your call center instantly with ôBelyx

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Set up your call center instantly with ôBelyx

Posted:Tue 25 of Nov, 2008 (12:21 UTC)
The OBelyx hosted contact center solution is completely software-based and designed to be instant, on-demand and anywhere. Only a broadband Internet connection, and a PC and headset for each agent are needed.

Main features

1. Predictive and Auto Dialer Client
2. Automatic Lead Scanner
3. Agent Presence & Instant Messaging
4. Answering Machine and Fax Detection
5. Call Transfer, Hold, Conferencing
6. Bundled USA Local and Long Distance
7. Custom Call Scripting
8. Outbound IVR and Messaging
9. Click-to-Call-Back Client for Your Website
10. Call Disposition
11. Advanced Lead Management and Recycling
12. Multiple Do-Not-Call Lists
13. Call Recording an

Set up a new contact center account from the ôBelyx site login. Your new ôBelyx registration is activated instantly. Just download and install the requisite number of licensed ôBelyx software dialers on your agents' respective PCs.

All you need is a PC, headset and broadband Internet to set up your contact center. ôBelyx constitutes hosting, data storage and remote calls in a protected environment. Add and delete seats according to seasonal demand. It's a guarantee with ôBelyx.

With advent of ôBelyx one can relieve oneself from costly investments in tools and training, no more complicated contracts for support and maintenance. ôBelyx works for you, rather than of making you exert yourself to keep your contact center working. Concentrate on your promotions and take your bottom-line to pinnacle.

We give you the Tools to help your people excel.

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