Mediatrix hangup issues

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Mediatrix hangup issues

Posted:Wed 26 of Nov, 2008 (11:15 UTC)

I have a mediatrix 1124 which is connected via the RJ21X cable to a RJ45 panel. The cables are not solid and I worry about the connectivity on the panel
(seems to work though).
I also for now put the RJ11 from the DECT base into the RJ45 port on the panel. Not sure if I can get issues by doing that?

Anyway, here is the issue. I can dial via the DECT, through the registered port on the Mediatrix. I get 2-way audio (both phones being on the same Asterisk)
but when I try to hangup nothing reaches the Asterisk and the call just continues.
HArdware issue or software/config issue?