Asterisk Queue Report

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Re: Asterisk Queue Report

Posted:Fri 14 of Jan, 2011 (18:46 UTC)
Not a php report but something a bit more sophisticated - OrderlyStats will give you all that info and more. It can be downloaded from http://www.orderlyq.com
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Asterisk Queue Report

Posted:Tue 02 of Dec, 2008 (19:52 UTC)
Hi all,
I'm desperately looking for a PHP report to display basic queue statistics from my Asterisk PABX. The source of the report must be the Asterisk Management Interface and CDR DB and I need to see info like the specific agents logged into specific queues, the amount of active calls, amount of calls waiting, waiting time etc. If anyone knows where I might be able to obtain such a report I'd be very grateful! I have found a few reports on the internet that uses the CDR database in conjunction with the AMI queue info - the problem is that it looks like just the info queried from the CDR displays on the report (login to AIM works 100%) so I'm lost as I hove no idea how PHP handles the info returned from the AMI ... so any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!!