Asterisk with avaya outbound calls user can't hear me but I can hear them

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Re: Asterisk with avaya outbound calls user can't hear me but I can hear them

Posted:Sun 04 of Jan, 2009 (15:42 UTC)
hope you solved the problem by now but my 2 cents are.. if they can't hear you it means the rtp packets are not going from the asterisk to the avaya or from the avaya to the handset. there could be several pionts of failure.
a. firewall blocking one way communication depending where the call is originated. test dialing in/out to see if you can identify any firewall issue.
b. avaya not supporting the incoming codec. ask the avaya engineer to check and match the codecs you are using in asterisk. try to add the g729 codec in your box just for testing and try to call again. you can find compiled versions on g729/g723 on the net to download and just copy on your asterisk codec folder (there is a license)
c. avaya not supporing the codec between the network region where the avaya trunk is running and the network region where the avaya handsets/pstn lines belongs to. this is more for your avaya engineer and it could be that on the 3rd page of the avaya ip-network-region setup there is no or incorrect ip-codec-set configured between the different network regions.
d. finally try to start testing sending calls to prompts on the asterisk. instead of testing a call from an avaya phone to an asterisk sip phone directly divide the problem on steps. set up a number on your dial plan that plays a prompt and disconnects, if the avaya phone can hear the prompt then you can focus then on the sip path. remember the audio path you are following is avaya to asterisk through h323 and then asterisk to sip phone through rtp/sip with transcoding in the middle.

hope it helps and good luck!
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Asterisk with avaya outbound calls user can't hear me but I can hear them

Posted:Mon 22 of Dec, 2008 (15:28 UTC)
Hello people I am quite new to the PBX concept in general be it Asterisk or Avaya,
The company that I work for required an asterisk box to integrate into our Avaya system (this is due to a new partnership) and after some serious googling I managed to get it working
Myself doing the Asterisk side and our Avaya Specialist doing, well um, the Avaya side.

now when we do internal calls extension to extension I have no problems but as soon as I make external calls it works to a point, the problem is I can hear the person on the other end but they cannot hear me .

And the thing that has had me pulling my hair out is that sometimes it does work,we can hear each other no problem, I have run debug on the sip peer that I was using and it gave me no errors and our Avaya guy ran some test and said there is nothing wrong.

Okay maybe I should explain how I am dialing out. Our Asterisk box connects to our Avaya using h323 with a virtual trunk on the Avaya side and .
now for us to Dial out using the avaya we have to Dial "6" so I configured my Dialplan on the asterisk to forward the number "6" to the avaya box and then I get an external dialtone and I can dial any number that I please after that.

Now I don't know if that is the best way to do it or if doing it that way is the source of my frustrations but I need help.

I am using the Xlite softphone I had issues with a few of the other softphone so if you can suggest something else I would appropriate it