asterisk as a gateway witch call-in number

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Re: asterisk as a gateway witch call-in number

Posted:Tue 23 of Dec, 2008 (23:06 UTC)
Thanks a lot. That was the right hint.

My configuration now works fine and looks like this:

exten => dial-in,1,GotoIf($[ "${CALLERID(num)}" = "my-cell-phone-number" ]?select,1)

exten => select,1,Read(myrufnr,vm-enter-num-to-call,20)
exten => select,2,SayDigits(${myrufnr})
exten => select,3,Goto(call_lcr,1)
exten => select,n,Hangup

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Re: asterisk as a gateway witch call-in number

Posted:Mon 22 of Dec, 2008 (21:57 UTC)

i do this with gizmo y DISA application

exten => 17476204620,1,NoOp( Call from Gizmo - Out )
exten => 17476204620,n,Set(CALLER=${CALLERID(num)}) ; Caller varable is asociate tu callerID number
exten => 17476204620,n,Gotoif($[${CALLER} = 3013013011]?out:loc); il callerid is egual to 3013013011 then goto disa aplication, otherwise call a extension.
exten => 17476204XXX,n(out),Disa(no-password,outgoing_calls); the DISA application give a tone and goto outgoing_calls context for external calls
exten => 17476204XXX,n(loc),Dial(${GIZ},30,r)
exten => 17476204XXX,n,GotoIf($["${DIALSTATUS}" = "BUSY"]?busy:unavail)
exten => 17476204XXX,n(unavail),Voicemail(2000@default,u)
exten => 17476204XXX,n,Hangup()
exten => 17476204XXX,n(busy),VoiceMail(2000@default,b)
exten => 17476204XXX,n,Hangup()

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asterisk as a gateway witch call-in number

Posted:Mon 22 of Dec, 2008 (19:12 UTC)
Hi everybody,

i already searched a bit for information about this, but i don't know the exact words for it (maybe "gateway! isn't the right one)

I want to configure my asterisk in a way, that i can call my number with my cell-phone and asterisk will redirect me to a given number.

I already configured asterisk to do that to one special number. That was an easy one.
I did with this conf in the "extensions.conf":

exten => callin_sipgate,1,NoOp
exten => callin_sipgate,n,Ringing
exten => callin_sipgate,n,Wait(1)
exten => callin_sipgate,n,Dial(SIP/+258123456@obda_intervoip)

In words: I call my callin_sipgate number (voip-provider with a real call-in number) with my cell-phone and my asterisk will redirect me via obda_intervoip (another voip-provider which is very cheap for calls to africa).

Naturally i have also a If-Condition, which checks the CID-Number auf my cell, so that not everybody can use this redirection...

Now my question:

Is it possible to configure it like this?:
I want to call the number with my cell phone, the asterisk picks the call up, and after that, i can type in a number i want to call. Then the asterisk will redirect me to this number with a configured provider.

Or even better would be to give the number directly with the call-in number like:

111333444p002588283284 (111333444 would be the access number and 002588283284 the number i want to call)

the i could call really cheap whereever i am.
Like a Call-In Access number some providers offer.

The problem is, that my german cell-provider o2 blocks all these Access-numbers. :-(

Any ideas???