Port listening problem with h323

Joined: Thu 01 of Jan, 2009

Port listening problem with h323

Posted:Thu 01 of Jan, 2009 (23:07 UTC)

I'm using Asterisk as a h323 gateway with a Gnu gatekeeper 2.2.7
After successfully configuring the gatekeeper, I'm having trouble with the asterisk setting up any kind of a link with it.

I configured the h323.conf in a standard way:
port = 1720
bindaddr = *my address*


gatekeeper = *gatekeeper address*
AllowGKRouted = yes

and any other default configurations there.

The gatekeeper's on my machine, and the asterisk is running on a virtual machine.
The problem is that when listing the listening ports on the virtual machine, there's no tcp 1720, so whenever the gatekeeper makes an initial SYN request, it automatically receives a RST from the asterisk.
What's strange is, that for the very same type of configuration with SIP, everything works beautifully.

it's probably something pretty obvious that's escaping me.. Any suggestions?