Designing your VoIP Call Center for Success

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Designing your VoIP Call Center for Success

Posted:Sat 03 of Jan, 2009 (12:06 UTC)
Decided on campaigns, deciding on infrastructure is next thing you need to look into and call center software that works with your business plan. Do you need to opt for auto or for predictive dialer that are available in market?

While an auto dialer helps you get on your feet at a cheaper cost but is it the most viable option?

What is a more viable option here? And how is an Auto dialer different from Predictive Dialer?

Auto dialer is a component that is built in call center software that allows you to auto dialing one on one basis of agents depending upon their availability. Predictive dialer on other hand uses complex algorithms to ensure that simultaneous calls are dialed in to ensure higher talk time for agents. But then Predictive dialer usage should be dependent upon the quality of leads since different countries have stringent regulation on abandoned calls. Figuring out the quality of leads and its authenticity would take sometimes days and by that time you either fail in loosing a lot of business or your call center gets blacklisted by monitoring agencies.

Predictive dialers is market are either manual where you configure the dialing speed based on number of agents, country regulations and quality of leads or they are automated where the algorithms determine above parameter in few initial minutes’ and adjusts your predictive dialer to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Currently most of the call center solution offerings in market are based on manually adjusting the dialer. One unique call center Solution Company which is based on of Rockville Maryland called oBelyx decided to adopt both manual and automated predictive dialer into their solution which helps VoIP call centers to optimize their operations to ensure higher customer satisfaction and lower downtime between the calls.