looking for Opensource solution

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looking for Opensource solution

Posted:Tue 06 of Jan, 2009 (20:18 UTC)

I am trying to get into Voip Wholesale business. I would like to authenticate clients by their Src IP address.
I don't know if SER is the soultion to my problem.

1. If yes then can anyone please suggest me how it should be done ?
2. Is it possible to do Least Cost Routing with SER ?
3. How can I do billing with SER ?

So far I have been trying to check few simple stuffs with SER.
1. Lets say host X sends me his SIP traffic to SER.
2. I wanted to change the Destination IP (to that of my provider, trying to Proxy the connection)
here is what i did:

route {
log("Rewrote DST IP\n");

But I don't see any packets being sent to the new destination.

I guess I am missing something pretty big here.

Looking forward to getting some suggestions :)