killer comma in Master.csv

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killer comma in Master.csv

Posted:Wed 07 of Jan, 2009 (10:07 UTC)
Hello all,

I bumped into a 'parasite comma' in a cdr-csv/Master.csv file. This comma is making my parser script fail.

"","1000","1003","internal","1000","Local/1003@internal-53a7,2","SIP/user3-081cde90","Dial","SIP/user3|30|tThH","2008-11-14 18:42:27","2008-11-14 18:42:28","2008-11-14 18:43:40",73,72,"ANSWERED","DOCUMENTATION"

notice the "Local/1003@internal-53a7,2" !!! that is a comma between the 7 and the 2...

I have no idea how that comma got there. Could this be some bug in asterisk, or there is some other cause ?

Thank you