UK SIP Provider?

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Re: UK SIP Provider?

Posted:Mon 19 of Jan, 2009 (15:04 UTC)

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Let me know if you need help.

Kulwinder Singh
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UK SIP Provider?

Posted:Sun 11 of Jan, 2009 (12:42 UTC)

I run a traditional Compunetix Contex 240 conference bridge and get my E1s free of charge due to the provider (verizon) making ingress charges on all the inbound traffic.

Now tested and decided to roll out a FreeSwitch Conference product, im in a dilema on how to get traffic into the bridge.

Can anyone recomend a UK based provider who could offer a value for money SIP inbound service that could cater for say 150 lines?

Or do i just go down the route of building a few more boxes and popping quad E1 cards into them then, converting to VoiP and routing to my Freeswitch?

any recomendations much appreciated - im willing to colocate the equipment with the provider.