Weird call forwarding issue

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Weird call forwarding issue

Posted:Sun 11 of Jan, 2009 (17:14 UTC)
Hey All,

Well I've been using AAH for years - about 4, in fact, and it's been rock solid and worked superbly well.

As I had some spare hardware, I decided that I'd build a shiny new PBXINAFLASH system. It all went well and I recreated all of my configurations.

Everything registers and I can call in and out to my hearts content, but for one strange thing.

I have one telephone number that I advertise on my CV (resume) and this diverts to my mobile (cell :) ). I have always used an unconditional forward.

So....everything worked fine in my original AAH system - and still does - and I have exactly the same configuration.

But here's the weird thing. Although my mobile is set not to go to voicemail for 30 seconds, it flashes up the incoming call and immediately diverts to voicemail.

If, however, I call my number from the same extension that forwards, the mobile rings for the full 30 seconds before diverting to voicemail.

Also, the time between my finishing dialing my diverted number and going to voicemail is a few seconds - initially I did wonder if it was ringing silently somehow (or at least registering with the mobile network in some way without ringing) but that doesn't add up as the time is too short...

I am at a complete and utter loss - could anyone offer any advice?