Call forwarding to Grand Central - help a noob!

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Call forwarding to Grand Central - help a noob!

Posted:Mon 12 of Jan, 2009 (01:18 UTC)
I set up a hotline using Asterisk whose primary job is to connect someone to a live person.

This is non-profit, on a shoestring stuff, with volunteers on standby to help the person in need. I'm using Grand Central to create a "ring-group" so I don't need multiple channels to ring up to 5 people simultaneously and so volunteers can manage their own schedules ;-).

The challenge is that I would like to have callers have to record their name using Grand Central (gender specific subject matter), but it always presents the ANI of my Asterisk box, not the original callers info. Grand Central only prompts callers whose info is unknown.

How do I present the call to Grand Central using the original callers info rather than the Asterisk PBX? I built the IVR menus with the Asterisk GUI (v. 2.0).

Your help is greatly appreciated!