X-lite not registering when using VPN

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X-lite not registering when using VPN

Posted:Mon 12 of Jan, 2009 (02:05 UTC)
I am setting up a Asterisk PBX in my office and I would like to have an extension at my house. As you can see in the following link (http://www.pvdubai.com/asterisk.html), I have an Asterisk server, VPN Server (Wondows XP) and a labtop (softphone) setup in my office. I am able to VPN from my house to my office and access AsteriskNOW GUI interface, but the softphone x-lite is not able to register with the asterisk server. I get the following error msg: "Registration Error: 408 - request timeout". When I take my home computer to my office and connect it to the LAN it works perfectly.
-Does any one knows what is the probkem?

-What is the XTunnels in the topology tab in x-lite setting?

Please note that I am using Linksys WRT54G in office and I have Verizon DSL...