Web based Asterisk Database maintenance for newbie

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Web based Asterisk Database maintenance for newbie

Posted:Tue 13 of Jan, 2009 (19:23 UTC)
ubergoober wrote a PHP script, Web based Asterisk Database maintenance. I have modified it to include the user name and secret which is all ubergoober says needs to be done, then put it in /usr/www/html. When I run it in IE, it gives me a screen with headings 'family' 'key' and 'value,' but there are no entries. If I type 'database show' from the CLI, it shows a lot of data. While I am familiar with PHP and MySQL and a little bit with Linux, I am a real newbie to asterisk and VOIP, learning as fast as I can.

Can someone please help me as to the use of this script? At a really basic level, starting with why doesn't the script show the entries? What is a Family, or a Key, or Value? I will be really grateful.