PRI signaling - Make user hear telco messages

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Re: PRI signaling - Make user hear telco messages

Posted:Mon 09 of Feb, 2009 (01:03 UTC)
Maybe you would like to have a look at ${HANGUPCAUSE}

It tells a lot more then ${DIALSTATUS}.

But there should also be a way of forwarding the audio. Progress()??? In conjunction with Wait()??? Maybe extension h???Never tried it. But keep me informed, I will face the same problem soon. As own error messages will work for errors, but how about other early audio, like price announcments of premium rate numbers?
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PRI signaling - Make user hear telco messages

Posted:Thu 15 of Jan, 2009 (11:30 UTC)
We have a PRI and whenever something goes wrong at the other side (like "number has changed", "number out of service", etc.) asterisk returns the DIALSTATUS and hangs up. is there a way to make asterisk actually play those original messages from the telco side?

I tryed to play around with priindication already.

priindication=inband is the default behaviour of asterisk. Just for testing i tried to set it to priindication=outofband. Neither setting changed the asterisk behaviour.

I know that i can read DIALSTATUS and play the appropiate message bymyself, but there is a problem. There are more possible causes of a failed call than DIALSTAUSes. For example:

You get a CHANUNAVAIL if a number doesn't exist at all.
You get a CHANUNAVAIL also if you call a cellphone that has been switched off.

We really need to get the "real" messages from the telco-side.

Is there a way?

Our hardware is a Digium te102p