I see you have a Sonus! ?

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Re: I see you have a Sonus! ?

Posted:Tue 17 of Feb, 2009 (20:07 UTC)
Haha, Tony has a sense of humor!
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I see you have a Sonus! ?

Posted:Mon 26 of Jan, 2009 (02:38 UTC)
2009-01-25 18:13:55 [WARNING] sofia_glue.c:2297 sofia_glue_negotiate_sdp() Hello,
I see you have a Sonus!
FYI, Sonus cannot follow the RFC on the proper way to send DTMF.
Sadly, my creator had to spend several hours figuring this out so I thought you'd like to know that!
Don't worry, DTMF will work but you may want to ask them to fix it......

This is from my logs. Im running under pfSense. What the he.....

Thanks in advance!