Mediatrix 3500 Call Routing

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Mediatrix 3500 Call Routing

Posted:Mon 26 of Jan, 2009 (05:17 UTC)
I have been trying to configure the Mediatrix 3532DG to be able to accept SIP outbound PSTN call requests and inbound PSTN to SIP call requests. I have been successful in doing the SIP to PSTN routing with one exception. I am not getting disconnect supervision from the Siemens HiCom PBX toward the Mediatrix gateway when I disconnect a call at the Siemens HiCom end. The SIP phone remains in the call and will only drop it when I disconnect from the SIP phone. I am using NI2 profile on the PRI.

I have had absolutely no success getting a call from PSTN to a SIP phone. I have tried everythig I can think of to no avail.

Is there anyone out there who has figured this out? HELP!! (please)