Incoming Caller ID Name


Re: Incoming Caller ID Name

Posted:Fri 06 of Feb, 2009 (07:05 UTC)
Caller ID name would be provided by the company providing the trunks for your PBX.
Getting the caller ID name CNAM requires a lookup (dip) in a data base service that costs money for every lookup.
So some providers do not provide CNAM to provide cheaper service. For more info see: CNAM and CallerID
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Incoming Caller ID Name

Posted:Wed 04 of Feb, 2009 (19:20 UTC)
I have a question in regards to incoming caller id names. None of the calls that come into our PBX show a caller ID name but does show proper caller id phone number. I was wondering who handles the caller id name when it comes into my PBX. Is this something I need to look at on my PBX or upstream carrier or is it with the originating callers phone provider?