OpenSer and Asterisk

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Re: OpenSer and Asterisk

Posted:Mon 09 of Feb, 2009 (16:12 UTC)
Hi Oliver - yes you can do this with OpenSER/OpenSIPS. Actually you do not have to set OpenSIPS as a front registrar, but only as an authentication server. OpenSIPS will receive the REGISTER from mobile clients, perform authentication and if OK, relay the REGISTER to Asterisk to be processed. In this way, everybody registers on Asterisk, but you keep OpenSIPS as a front authentication server.
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OpenSer and Asterisk

Posted:Sat 07 of Feb, 2009 (08:34 UTC)
Hi I am new to this online community. I just have a question regarding the setup I am wanting to do. I want to use OpenSER and Asterisk. I want to isolate my asterisk box from the outside world. My company has many mobile employee so security to my asterisk box is an issue. Currently my asterisk box is locked down to only accept request from authorized ips. Problem is most of our mobile employees doesn't have a static IP. So everyday i need to add their IP to our exemption list for them to register to asterisk. So with this I am planning on using OpenSER as registrar. Our mobile employees will register in OpenSER and OpenSER would relay the registration to Asterisk. So with this extensions on my LAN who are registered directly to asterisk will still be able to call extensions registered on OpenSer. Is this possible with OpenSER? Most discussion I have read on the internet pertains to forward calls from OpenSER to Asterisk. I hope someone would be able to help me with this. Thank you very much in advance