How to handle in- and outbound audio separately?

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How to handle in- and outbound audio separately?

Posted:Mon 09 of Feb, 2009 (00:42 UTC)
I am planning to setup a baby phone function in my asterisk system. It should be working in the following way.

Phone /A/ is located in the baby’s bedroom and phone /B/ in the parent’s living room. On phone /A/ a music file should be played back. The music must only be heard on phone /A/, not phone /B/. The noises in the baby’s bedroom should be transmitted from phone /A/ to phone /B/, but the noises in the parent’s living room should not be transmitted the opposite direction.

Actually phone /B/ should be several phones available in the whole house, but never mind that. MeetMe will do a good job here.

I was also thinking of MeetMe in the first place. I can set phone /A/ as “speaker” and phones /B/ as “listeners”. But how to pass the music file playback to phone /A/ only?

Thanks for any ideas.

Thomas Lindner