replacing dialogic hmp

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Re: replacing dialogic hmp

Posted:Thu 25 of Nov, 2010 (13:35 UTC)
Sure, there is a replacement with open source. But, there is a lot of work. You can contact me to discuss the solution. My email is:
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replacing dialogic hmp

Posted:Mon 09 of Feb, 2009 (18:57 UTC)
we have substantial voip application that uses dialogic hmp.
we use the dialogic C interface (i.e. dx_* gc_* api)
we are looking for a replacement software
we use the following features:
- linux
- sip/rtp
- capable of answering calls, making calls
- supports transfers (blind and supervised)
- g711 and g723 codecs
- dtmf detection
- echo cancel (aka csp)

preferably would like to use open source

any ideas will be highly appreciated